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First Dental Visit

What To Expect For Your Child's First Visit

As a little one, taking your first trip to the dentist can be intimidating. But at Shadelands Pediatric Dentistry in Walnut Creek, Dr. Lopez’s goal is to make your child’s introductory visit an easy new adventure.  Dr. Lopez takes time to introduce your child to members of the Shadelands dental team, as well as take a tour of the treatment areas, so they can feel comfortable in a new setting.

Getting to Know Your Pediatric Dental OfficePediatric Dental Visit in Walnut Creek

Because dental phobias are bred, not born – Dr. Lopez and her team take extra steps to ensure that your child does not grow up to develop anxieties about visiting the dentist for oral health care. All members of Shadelands Dentistry’s team set a welcoming and friendly tone so that children can feel good about coming in to see Dr. Lopez and getting their teeth cleaned.

Depending on how your child is feeling during their tour around the office, Dr. Lopez can have them take a seat in the dentist’s chair and take a quick look at their smile. She will typically discuss: 

  • Proper brushing habits;
  • How to floss between small teeth;
  • Good diet choices that encourage best oral health

Dr. Lopez includes parents in the discussion on children’s dental health, as keeping up a good preventive care routine and maintaining a healthy diet requires help and guidance from a parent or caregiver.  Your child’s first dental visit is an important first step in establishing a good baseline for care, so that continued dental treatment can be performed in a familiar and friendly environment that your child is comfortable with. If your child has special needs, Dr. Lopez is specially trained to provide your little one with the attention they need in order to feel at ease.

A Comfortable, Caring Place for Children’s Dentistry

Shadelands Pediatric Dentistry values whole-body wellness, as well as patient comfort. During preventive oral health treatments or counseling, Dr. Lopez helps patients and children understand the connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. She also offers digital x-rays services and children’s sedation dentistry (when needed) to help children more comfortably get the care they need. During your initial visit her to Walnut Creek kid’s dental office, Dr. Lopez can discuss all treatment approaches with parents and caregivers, so you know what to expect during return visits to her office for routine teeth cleanings and check-ups.

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Set your child on the path to excellent oral health and a lifetime of overall well-being by scheduling their first dental visit today. Shadelands Pediatric Dentistry welcomes new patients and families for first visits!

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