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Myomunchee Information

Introduction: The MyoMunchee 

Welcome to the MyoMunchee at Shadelands Airway Breathing Center– Your Gateway to Wellness! Explore the revolutionary solution designed to enhance oral health. Learn about the history, structure, and incredible benefits of MyoMunchee, crafted for both passive and active use. Join the journey toward a healthier you with the MyoMunchee Program at Shadelands Airway Breathing Center. Unlock the potential of MyoMunchee and experience Growing Healthy Smiles and Minds for Healthy Breathing and Sleep into Adulthood, embodying excellence in holistic care.

History Of MyoMunchee

Developed by Australian dentist Dr. Kevin Bourke, Myo Munchee has a rich history in oral health and orthopedic growth in children. Dr. Bourke's groundbreaking work, from the patent in 1966 to the formation of Myofunctional Research Corporation in 1989, highlights the device's evolution. MyoMunchee continues to shape the field of dentistry and myofunctional orthodontics, leaving a lasting legacy.

MyoMunchee: The Structure

  • Made of Soft, non-toxic medical-grade silicone material.
  • Shaped like a mouthguard for oral use.
  • Provides space for both the top and bottom dental arches.
  • The top arch features a palate-mimicking shape with prongs to stimulate and desensitize the palate.
  • The lower arch has a smooth side that extends to the floor of the mouth, aiding in stimulation and desensitization.
  • Available in pre-fabricated sizes for convenience.
  • Equipped with silicone prongs that massage teeth and gums, promoting improved oral hygiene.
  • The indented side should be placed inside the mouth for proper use.
  • Includes a handle for enhanced dexterity.
  • Features a hole for attaching a necklace or pacifier clip for easy accessibility during mobile or peak habit times.
  • Some sizes include an additional prong designed to assist the tongue in maintaining the desired position.

  The MyoMunchee: Benefits

  • Oral Health Improvement: MyoMunchee supports a wide range of oral health benefits, including addressing gum disease, plaque buildup, and teeth and gum health.
  • Palate Stimulation: The prongs on MyoMunchee stimulate and desensitize the palate, enhancing oral functionality.
  • Saliva Production: Chewing with MyoMunchee increases saliva production, which is often referred to as "Nature's Elixir" and is crucial for maintaining oral health.
  • pH Balance Enhancement: MyoMunchee significantly raises saliva pH, creating an alkaline environment that combats acid production in plaque and positively influences oral microbiota.
  • Customized Sizing: The device is available in various pre-fabricated sizes to ensure a proper fit for different individuals.
  • Diverse Applications: MyoMunchee can help address various oral health concerns, including swallowing patterns, mouth breathing, speech issues, TMD/TMJ, Otitis Media, occlusion, and posture.
  • Alignment of Occlusion: It aids in aligning occlusion to class I and disrupting grinding patterns.
  • Breathing Exercises: MyoMunchee includes breathing exercises to assist with issues related to Sleep Disordered Breathing.
  • Muscle Toning: The device tones the muscles of the tongue and mouth, leading to improved oral posture.
  • Snoring Reduction: Improved oral posture with MyoMunchee can help reduce snoring.
  • Special Needs Patients: It is suitable for individuals with conditions like Autism/Sensory Processing Disorder and offers sensory stimulus.
  • Oro-motor Function: Chewing with MyoMunchee improves oro-motor function, neuromuscular control, coordination of chewing muscles, aids in swallow mechanics, and benefits from the calming effect of sensory afferent nerve pathways.
  • Introduction: When introducing MyoMunchee, it's advisable to start slowly and begin with a smaller size.
  • Minimum Usage Duration: For optimal results, it's recommended to use MyoMunchee for a minimum of 6 months.

MyoMunchee: Sizing

How to Use MyoMunchee: Passive & Active Use

Passive Use:

  • Rinse Munchee with water first
  • Munchee goes in with indentation side up
  • Practice breathing in and out of the nose with lips closed
  • This can be challenging for some
    • tongue not use to going up to palate
    • tongue thrust swallow
    • salivary control

The Goal: Keep in mouth comfortable for 1 min with lips closed breathing in and out of the nose.

Active Use:

  • Munchee goes in with indentation side up
  • Has additional stimulation added for tongue to go up to the “spot”
  • Practice breathing in and out of the nose with lips closed
  • This can be challenging for some
    • tongue not use to going up to palate
    • tongue thrust swallow
    • salivary control
    • lower muscle strengthen of orbicularis oris ( lips 

   The Goal: Keep in mouth comfortable for 1 min with lips closed breathing in and out of the nose.

 The Myo Munchee Program at Shadelands Pediatric Dentistry 

1. Initial Evaluation:

  • Your child's first exam/recall appointment with one of our pediatric dentists.
  • Assessment of oral health and potential issues.
  • If signs and symptoms suggest a need for Myo Munchee, a consultation appointment will be scheduled.

2. Myo Munchee Consultation:

  • A dedicated consultation appointment for Myo Munchee.
  • Delivery of the Myo Munchee device.
  • Facial development progress tracking with photographs.
  • Monitoring occlusal changes through photos and occlusion measurement.
  • Creation of a customized plan for Myo Munchee usage.
  • Demonstration on how to use the device effectively.
  • A follow-up phone call or Facetime call after one month to assess progress.

3. 3-Month Follow-Up:

  • Another appointment scheduled at the 3-month mark.
  • New photographs taken to monitor changes.
  • Occlusion measurements to track progress.
  • A reward/prize for consistent Munchee use or habit elimination.
  • Evaluation to determine the duration of continued usage.
  • Scheduling of future evaluations at the next recall or another follow-up, as needed.

The MyoMunchee Care Instructions

Daily Care:

1.     Rinse the Myo Munchee under running water.

2.     Shake off excess water to remove any remaining debris.

3.     Dampen the Munchee with a clean tissue or towel.

4.     Allow it to air dry, similar to how you care for your toothbrush.

Weekly Care:

1.     Once a week, sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the Munchee.

2.     Sterilize it by placing the Munchee in boiling water for 60 seconds.

 Our Mission at Shadelands Pediatric Dentistry 

At Shadelands Pediatric Dentistry, we are devoted to nurturing the smiles of the children under our care. Dr. Melissa Lopez and Team bring their passion for pediatric oral health to the forefront of our practice. Our 'why' is deeply rooted in our unwavering belief that every child deserves a healthy and happy smile and a lifelong commitment to oral health.

Dr. Melissa Lopez's guiding principle, 'Where Form Follows Function,' underscores our commitment to not only providing aesthetically pleasing smiles but also ensuring that every function of the mouth functions at its best. We understand that a child's oral health is fundamental to their overall well-being, and this belief is at the heart of everything we do.

Our mission is to identify potential issues at an early stage, ensuring that our patients can nurture healthy smiles and minds that lead to lifelong healthy breathing and quality sleep into adulthood. We are proud to introduce the MyoMunchee product as an integral part of our commitment to pediatric oral health. Our practice goes beyond the dental chair, and we are determined to empower children and their families with the tools and knowledge needed for a lifetime of radiant smiles and robust health.



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