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The practice of children’s dentistry, or pediatric dentistry, is one of the eight dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. In order to be qualified and certified as a pediatric dentist, oral health professionals have to complete in-depth study of the development of children’s teeth and jaws, and spend time treating children in a hospital residency environment.

Shadelands Pediatric Dentistry is your home for expert, caring children’s dentistry in Walnut Creek, CA. Our kids’ dentist, Dr. A. Melissa Lopez, is a board certified pediatric dentist who provides a range of services to help children transition into adulthood with healthy smiles.

Shadelands Pediatric Dentistry in Walnut Creek

Why See a Pediatric Dental Specialist?

Compared to a general, family dentist, Dr. Lopez’s education and training give her in-depth knowledge about the healthy development of children’s smiles. Because Dr. Lopez is specially trained to treat young patients,

 Shadelands Pediatric Dentistry can give children the

 attention they need to enjoy and maintain excellent oral health.

Dr. Lopez is also trained to work with patients who have special needs. We take a gentle and patient approach to special needs dentistry for children. Because Dr. Lopez is on-staff at a children’s hospital, she can administer dental care in a hospital environment with sedation, where necessary, for children who find it difficult to sit comfortably during treatment for prolonged periods.

Treatment from our Walnut Creek Children’s Dentist

Our goal is to make sure that your children know how to keep their smiles clean, strong, and healthy from their younger years through to adolescence and adulthood. As a pediatric dental office, we’re about to build healthy smiles through:

Oral Hygiene Coaching – Dr. Lopez helps parents and children better understand the importance of having a healthy smile through frequently brushing and flossing teeth.

• Prevention - Our Walnut Creek pediatric dental office helps prevent the need for extensive treatment by recommending therapies that will set children up for healthier smiles. Our preventive therapies include extracting any teeth that may cause problem for bite or smile alignment and providing tips on avoiding bottle rot and making the right diet choices.

• Restoration – In the event that your child does experience tooth decay, Shadelands Pediatric Dentistry provides fillings and dental crowns. These restorations limit the spread of decay and preserve natural tooth structure wherever possible.

• Positive Dental Experiences - In addition to prevention, education, and restoration, healthy smiles are maintained through positive interactions at a dental office. Dr. Lopez and her team take care to provide an environment where children feel safe and relaxed. Preventing fear of the dentist allow young patients to continue to confidently seek out dental care into adulthood.

Shadelands Pediatric Dentistry is committed to quality kid’s dental care in Walnut Creek. Our certified pediatric dentist helps families develop the tools they need to better understand their oral health and keep their smiles strong.

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To learn more about the difference our friendly team can make for your children’s health and wellness, contact Dr. Lopez and her team at (925) 930-9390. We are proud to be your home for pediatric dental care in the community of Walnut Creek, CA.

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